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Apr 01, 2023

Change and Transition on Crete

Jane Francis and Micael Curtis (eds.), Change and Transition on Crete: Interpreting the Evidence from the Hellenistic through to the Early Byzantine Period. Papers Presented in Honour of G. W. M. Harrison, Archaeopress Publishing Ltd., 2023. 226 pp. ISBN: 9781803270562. Alternative edition: PDF, ISBN: 9781803270579. The theme of this volume, presented in honour of G.W.M. Harrison, whose academic contributions have enriched our perspective of Roman Crete, is change and transition, a topic that…
Mar 20, 2023

A Girl Ηovers over Kerameikos

Myrtis, an eleven-year old girl from ancient Athens, acquires a new life in our days, far from the war and the misery it caused to her beloved city. Myrtis was brought to light by archaeologists in 1995, during excavations in Kerameikos. And since then, this girl has become a symbol of peace. Myrtis loves life, loves to play in the small river of Heridanos with her friends, with the frogs, with shards from broken pottery. She picks wildflowers to decorate the funerary stelai in Kerameikos and…
Dec 21, 2022

She Who Hunts: Artemis: The Goddess Who Changed the World

Filled with examples of ritual, symbolism and an extensive collection of Artemis myths and folklore, this work is a comprehensive compilation of all things Artemis, and her fundamental role in the communal, political and ritual development of the Greco-Roman world. The goddess of the hunt is more than just a virgin in the woods. Her worship can be traced to a time before the Minoans, and her rituals include all facets of the human experience, starting from birth rituals to rites of passage, to…
Dec 15, 2022

Underworld: Imagining The Afterlife In Ancient South Italian Vase Painting

On an Apulian funerary vase, a fair-haired young man sits clutching a spear in his left hand as he exclaims in terror, ‘I’m not coming!’ But it is no use. Grabbing his wrist in a vice-like grip is Hermes, escort of dead souls to the Underworld, and his words brook no disobedience: ‘Get up and go to Hades.’ No wonder that the young man is afraid. The peoples of 4th-century BC Apulia, in southern Italy, were as ignorant as we are of what lay beyond the grave, and many shared the sentiments of…
Dec 02, 2022

The Birth and Development of the Idealized Concept of Arcadia in the Ancient World

The prevailing narration about classical Greece focused the organization of the community in the institution of the polis as the salient aspect of this civilization, with its constitution and its representative organizations: the citizen had to take part to the life of the polis and even be ready to die. The democratic form of government received a particular emphasis in the contemporary scholarly world.
Nov 25, 2022

Archaeology, Nation, and Race

Archaeology, Nation, and Race is a must-read book for students of archaeology and adjacent fields. It demonstrates how archaeology and concepts of antiquity have shaped, and have been shaped by colonialism, race, and nationalism. Structured as a lucid and lively dialogue between two leading scholars, the volume compares modern Greece and modern Israel – two prototypical and influential cases – where archaeology sits at the very heart of the modern national imagination. Exchanging views on the…
Nov 25, 2022

AVRA, An amazing Greek horse

Avra is a story that begins and ends with the discovery and scientific study of an ancient horse’s skeleton by a team of scientific archaeologists. The main story tells of her life, during which she won the horse race at the ancient Olympics even though her rider fell off. She eventually joins the cavalry in Athens and is depicted in marble on the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena. Her story can be read either to younger children via the charming illustrations or as an educational text by…
Nov 25, 2022

Back to the Game: Reframing Play and Games in Context

This volume has its genesis in the 21st Conference of the International Society for Board Game Studies (BGS) held in Athens in April 2018. A session was dedicated to ancient games as part of the ERC project Locus ludi. The Cultural Fabric of Play and Games in Classical Antiquity (# 741520).The identification of games, especially board games, and the study of their cultural role in ancient societies is a complex undertaking with many method-ological issues. This pluridisciplinary book edited by…
Nov 25, 2022

The Story of Lemnos. Myth – History – Heritage

In the Story of Lemnos, the age-long history of a relatively unknown and somewhat ignored until recently Aegean Island turns into a fascinating narrative, a real chronicle of the place and its people. In its pages, readers will find important information about the society, the economy, the political life, the art and the intellectual output of the Island over time, from the first nomadic settlements during the late Paleolithic period (ca. 10,500 BC), until today: with extensive references to…

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